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GSM #195 The Plan

Posted 10th of March by Reine Brand

When I flew back to Sydney recently, there’s this little airport near Melbourne called Avalon that only has a couple of terminals. Because it’s so small, it’s rarely busy or delayed, and I was surprised when, after asking us to queue for boarding, we waited for another half an hour.

 During that time, a call comes over the comm, addressing departing passengers – someone’s left a backpack on the plane. Then another – a suit bag. Then another – a makeup kit.

 Eventually, one of the airport staff gets on the comm and says “Our apologies, boarding has been delayed so a cleaning crew could go over the plane. One of the passengers on the last flight was ill and… had a bit of an accident. You probably didn’t need to know that… but… there you go.”

 And that solved the mystery of why people left the plane in such a hurry.

 I felt a bit sorry for myself, until I realised the passengers on the previous flight probably had a worse time. All we had to put up was a small amount of eau de ass, covered with cheap orange deodorizer.


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Posted 2018-03-10 by Reine

So…. My dad’s ok :) The surgery went really well. I stayed with him a little longer than I’d planned, just to make sure. My job mainly consisted of running around after him yelling “put that down” or doing housework/gardening etc before he could. I shouldn’t be trusted with a power tool, but he was in no state to stop me, haha.

 The other news is that I’m headed to the U.S.A. in April/May! First for a comics camp in Alaska, then a few weeks later I’m attending a trade show in New York for work. I’ve never been before, and I’m currently planning what to do, so if anyone has any suggestions of things to do/see in those regions I’d love to hear them :)