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Posted 26th of March by Reine Brand

I’ve been involved lately with a group which the local government has put together for an arts initiative- resulting in many long, serious meetings. This has been hard for me, because, as you may be aware, I am very silly. 


Greasy Space Monkeys is the adventures of two idiots in a dead end job on a run-down space station.

Occasional profanity and frequent absurdity.

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No update this week
Posted 2016-11-25 by Reine

My computer has died :'( It’s a solid state drive so it’s pretty damn dead. Fortunately, all of my comic stuff is on a normal drive and is recoverable…

So, depending on whether I can resurrect it somehow or make a zombie computer out of spare parts (and how long all of that takes), I might post two comics next week. Hopefully before Nathan and Casper get ate.

Thanks for your patience, everyone, and have an awesome Thanksgiving if you’re into that kind of thing!