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GSM #199 Self-Destruct Sequence

Posted 31st of December by Reine Brand

Happy New Years! It’s my birthday ^_^ Here’s a present for you too, a gloomy comic and two and a half announcements! Yaaay!

First up, announcing Pants Quest!!!


For about a year we’ve been working hard on a small pixel art point and click adventure game about a man who can’t find his pants. If you enjoy our humour it’s in the same vein… You can wishlist it on Steam now! It’ll be available early next year. Also we need playtesters in the next month, if you’re interested drop us a line at support (at), with playtesting in the subject line please :)

I also wanted to share that we intend to wrap up Greasy Space Monkeys not long after this current arc. I can’t do the strip justice anymore with the time it needs, and we’d rather bring it to a planned ending point than leave it too open ended. There’s always been a general story in mind so we’re excited to bring it to a conclusion! More of a stopping point for now really, because there’s still stories we want to tell with the crew of Niya down the road.

 Whether it’s extra comic arcs here and there, games or something else entirely… I don’t intend for this to be the last we see of Nathan, Casper, Jo, Mr. Voll and the rest. Which is why, in a way, it's not exactly ending, it's evolving.... and that brings us to our second announcement…

Starwisp Hyperdrive!

Do you long to experience a futuristic corporate dystopia? Would you too like to struggle to survive the bleakness of space with substandard and outdated equipment? Do you like cats?

Starwisp Hyperdrive is a adventure RPG set in the same universe as Greasy Space Monkeys. You have inherited an old weird spaceship. Create your captain and explore the system! Trade stuff! Find weird rocks! Fix your ship! Eat things! Check out the Steam page here for more screenshots and features.

This one is more of a longer project but we’ve built a lot of it already. Starting with the world already fleshed out from GSM was a bit of a boost too, since we didn’t have to create the lore and politics etc.

Lastly we’ve got a shiny new Discord where you can come and discuss the game, ask us about either one, share your cat pictures whatever! It's a bit under a construction, so let us know if it could use an extra channel or anything. We’ll be around! Join here!


Greasy Space Monkeys is the adventures of two idiots in a dead end job on a run-down space station.

Occasional profanity and frequent absurdity.

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Hi from the Airport
Posted 2018-04-25 by Reine

Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates the last few weeks. Preparing to go to the USA has been so hectic that I haven't had a day spare.

  I'm writing this at Sydney International Airport. It's literally the first ten minutes I've had free this week. I've brought some files though, so I'm hoping in the downtime I have between Alaska and Seattle I'll be able to make an update. Thanks for being so patient this year , I appreciate it :)

 I’m so nervous/excited/ possibly phasing into another plane of existence about this trip. So that's a thing.

Anyway, the best way to get little updates of what I'm up to is through twitter - @reinebrand Thank you all for the food suggestions, I may hurt myself but it'll be worth it ;)