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GSM #181 Health Benefits

Posted 18th of February by Reine Brand

 So I’ve been playing Resident Evil 7… it was kind of short? I liked how it felt like the first few games though.

 My favourite Resident Evil is probably still the Gamecube remake of #1. I’m not super easy to scare, and in an attempt to get more out of the game, I’d play it home alone, in the dark, in the middle of the night. So one time I’m sitting there, mildly terrified, when the zombie munching sounds on the tv don’t seem to stop when I pause. When I unfroze, and looked behind the sofa, there’s my cat gnawing on a rabbit. I played with the lights on after that. 


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No update this week
Posted 2016-11-25 by Reine

My computer has died :'( It’s a solid state drive so it’s pretty damn dead. Fortunately, all of my comic stuff is on a normal drive and is recoverable…

So, depending on whether I can resurrect it somehow or make a zombie computer out of spare parts (and how long all of that takes), I might post two comics next week. Hopefully before Nathan and Casper get ate.

Thanks for your patience, everyone, and have an awesome Thanksgiving if you’re into that kind of thing!