GSM#94 Delirium Tremenswear

Posted 24th of April by Reine

The bunks (or berths) in the dorm rooms and some parts of the station, particularly any maintenance rooms/service corridors etc are based on the design of large ships like dredges and cargo ships. My family has quite a few members that work on ships, and some of my weirder childhood memories involve giant engine rooms and mess decks. I probably should have been awed more by it all, but what I remember from the time is being preoccupied with keeping my balance on a slippery metal deck, or the fear of losing a finger to some monstrous piece of machinery. Ships are both awesome and terrifying, much like space.


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How 'bout them ads

Posted 2015-04-17 by Reine

 Sorry about some of the weird ads over the past week, guys. We might not be exactly a PG comic, but we're not, uh... what some of that was, either. We've turned off ads until we hear back from Comic Rocket about such fun things as inappropriate ad reporting.

 In the meantime, if your heart breaks to know that we're not getting those sweet, sweet advertising monies (cents), don't forget we launched our Patreon last week!