GSM#60 Abandoned

Posted 29th of August by Reine

Doom station is doomy.


Greasy Space Monkeys is the adventures of two idiots in a dead end job on a run-down space station.

Occasional profanity and frequent absurdity.

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Comic Delayed

Posted 2014-08-15 13th of July by Reine

This week my mother passed away. As much as updating the comic is a priority for me, this week it's just not possible. But I wanted to say that I appreciate all the support so far and wanted you guys to know why I might not be responding to comments or emails much for a while. Mark and I never expected such a positive reaction to the comic and we always enjoy reading the comments and discussions. Thank you for the support you've shown so far, and don't worry, there is much more to come. -Reine