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GSM #195 The Plan

Posted 10th of March by Reine Brand

When I flew back to Sydney recently, there’s this little airport near Melbourne called Avalon that only has a couple of terminals. Because it’s so small, it’s rarely busy or delayed, and I was surprised when, after asking us to queue for boarding, we waited for another half an hour.

 During that time, a call comes over the comm, addressing departing passengers – someone’s left a backpack on the plane. Then another – a suit bag. Then another – a makeup kit.

 Eventually, one of the airport staff gets on the comm and says “Our apologies, boarding has been delayed so a cleaning crew could go over the plane. One of the passengers on the last flight was ill and… had a bit of an accident. You probably didn’t need to know that… but… there you go.”

 And that solved the mystery of why people left the plane in such a hurry.

 I felt a bit sorry for myself, until I realised the passengers on the previous flight probably had a worse time. All we had to put up was a small amount of eau de ass, covered with cheap orange deodorizer.


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Hi from the Airport
Posted 2018-04-25 by Reine

Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates the last few weeks. Preparing to go to the USA has been so hectic that I haven't had a day spare.

  I'm writing this at Sydney International Airport. It's literally the first ten minutes I've had free this week. I've brought some files though, so I'm hoping in the downtime I have between Alaska and Seattle I'll be able to make an update. Thanks for being so patient this year , I appreciate it :)

 I’m so nervous/excited/ possibly phasing into another plane of existence about this trip. So that's a thing.

Anyway, the best way to get little updates of what I'm up to is through twitter - @reinebrand Thank you all for the food suggestions, I may hurt myself but it'll be worth it ;)