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GSM #11 The Rugged Space Captain

Posted 13th of September by Reine Brand

Alternative pick up lines involving wormholes and/or cockpits were just too crude. Why you gotta be so dirty, space?



Greasy Space Monkeys is the adventures of two idiots in a dead end job on a run-down space station.

Occasional profanity and frequent absurdity.

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I’m Not Dead
Posted 2017-06-20 by Reine

 Hi everyone! It’s been a while, sorry for worrying some of you. I’ve made a comic to explain what’s been going on, you can see it here. Patrons can see a larger version on Patreon here (with some additional info) 

 So that’s why I haven’t been around… in addition to that, my wrist is still sore. It’s slowly improving as I’ve finished freelance work for now and I can have a proper break (outside of doing a few comics like this, I just can’t help myself) I drew it over the week an hour here and there, you can see on the larger version my lines are very wobbly.

 The main thing is that while I’ve got no plans to stop GSM, it might be slow for a while. It’s possible that I’ll focus on Stillwater instead for a bit, since drawing on paper is easier on my wrist for some reason. I’ll know more in a week or so, and I’ll keep you guys informed. Hope you’re all well